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Linux awesome apps

Posted by stringofthoughts on March 30, 2009

Audio Players :

Amarok is still the most famous linux audio player and i found it very impressive though it was a little different from winamp/xmms. The worst part of amarok is it’s cpu usage. It hogs CPU makes computer very slow.

Audacious has long history and the good things is that it’s more like winamp. It was a fort of BMP (Beep Media Player) which itself was fort of XMMS (X Multi Media System). It’s current version doesn’t support en-queuing songs just by right click. It requires a nautilus script.

for FILE in “${FILES}” ; do
audacious –enqueue “${FILE}”

just write this code in file say enqueue.sh and store it to

PATH:  ~/.gnome2/nautilus-scripts

Now just right click on song and select this script 🙂 .

Video Player:

Mplayer has always been my favorite player. The most awesome thing about mplayer is it’s control which is very intuitively lies on arrow keys :). It’s got skin now dubbed as SMplyer. Skin is cool gives you mouse control.

VLC is another player you should ‘ve. This player can play almost any format including HD videos :D.

other players are KMplayer, GOM Player.

Image editor:

GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program) is one heck of software. I wouldn’t say it’s a total replacement of Adobe Photoshop but does a pretty impressive job but here is the thing about open source,  Photoshop costs whopping $600 (INR.30,000 approx) where as GIMP is free :D. Start using open source softwares.

Audio Editors:

JoKoSher is a non linear multi-track audio editor. It uses GStreamer as an audio back-end.

Audacity is digital audio editor and recording application. The cool thing about this is unlimited undos :). There is a serious problem with audacity. It lacks lacks dynamic equalizer controls and real time effects.

Ardour is everything that you need to create your own album :P. It’s a really good digital audio workstation it’s got support for MIDI so you can hook up your favorite keyboard :). Ardour is perfect tool for amateur musicians or musicians who can’t afford high priced software.

Video Editors:

KINO non-linear digital video editor.  KINO’s vision is: “Easy and reliable DV editing for the Linux desktop with export to many usable formats. It’s available in Debian repositories. It’s geared toward quick jobs and beginners

Jahshaka is another very good video editor. It provides blue screen effects but the major problem with Jahshaka is that it does not support non linear video editing.

Cinelerra is a non linear video editing system which includes video com positing engine. Cinelerra provides industrial strength capabilities and is not good for beginners. Although it provides an awesome workstation it’s known to crash so keep saving your work.

KDEnlive (KDE Non-Linear Video Editor) It’s a KDE application focuses on flexibility and ease of use. Kdenlive supports all of the formats supported by FFmpeg (such as QuickTime, AVI, WMV, MPEG, and Flash Video), and also supports 4:3 and 16:9 aspect ratios for both PAL, NTSC and various HD standards, including HDV. Video can also be exported to DV devices, or written to a DVD with chapters and a simple menu.


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