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Sarah Connor Chronicles is doomed

Posted by stringofthoughts on April 5, 2009

As I was wondering in my earlier post what’s wrong with TTSCC, now I’m certain writers are on drugs or something. I mean WTF they killed Derek just like that. Derek was the one good character in the show. Charlie is fine , kill James Alison , kill anyone else but Derek. That’s just sad. You know what writers of TSSCC, kill Sarah Connor in the next episode and put this charade to an end. This series is now messing with my Terminator taste now. Especially when Terminator 4 : Salvation is so close to release.

There is no action in the series, not anymore anyway. Lena Headey is definitely not Sarah Connor material. I hate her now. I loved her when I first saw in the movie “Imagine Me and You”. Although she was a lesbian florist in that movie so I can’t argue 😛.

I was looking forward to this episode but I was disappointed beyond words. Thinking in real I terms i feel like the show has been cancelled and the writers are just wrapping things up. I know fans are up filing petition for season 3 but do us a favour and kill Sarah Connor :D.


One Response to “Sarah Connor Chronicles is doomed”

  1. fortress guy said

    You are so right. The series lost its way, got dull and depressing.

    Check out my take on this defunct series (with lots o’ pics):


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