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Daughters for sale

Posted by stringofthoughts on April 30, 2009

Selling daughters for money…… What a shame, How could someone do something like that … This is the kind of thoughts that to our mind when we read about such news reports. Recently another case surfaced but this was a little different this time the child was Rubina, yes the Oscar child. Google it you ‘d find tonnes of links. This incident of Rubina is very common to hundreds of other cases that people read about with morning tea and forget by the time they reach office. It just became top news for obvious reason.

Most of the people who comment that these incidents are awful and blames everything on parents, don’t and can’t really put themselves on such situations. Not that I agree these incidents are ordinary but people do awful things in desperate situations. I’m ruling out greedy people in this post because there is no second guess that those people are pure evil.

People who are generally convicted in such cases live below poverty line. If you ever go a slum you’ll see these people live the nightmare we so called educated and civilised people can’t even imagine. They don’t ‘ve the life , education , social and family relations like others. What i’m trying to say here that the act of selling child is not a sudden decision it’s a result situations and events of their past. They are also human. They wants certain things life like anyone else and they also make mistakes.

Let’s look at the expenses specially for a girl child. Lot of initial expenses are quite the same for a boy and girl child. Starting from pregnancy mother needs special care then medical/hospital charges, then handling a new born till she becomes 5yrs old, now school charges, teenager’s constant request for new stuffs, School/college is mainly out of the picture for a girl child in these areas then comes the most difficult time, marriage. It takes a heavy financial toll on girls family. Although dowry cases are reduced in India but it still exists in dark corners of country. Just Imagine what kind of society and family will they be marrying off their daughter. It’s the same society among the same people who live in similar situation. For a boys family sometimes this is like lottery and this is also the result of the way they ‘ve lived their lives. They didn’t ‘ve a lot and now they have a chance to get things. Social stigma of husband leaving the wife makes wife’s family agree to their terms which is mainly money and other items.

These incidents against girls child also exist in middle and even higher class of society. Sometimes even the women in family consider a girl child bad luck. Selling daughters is just where people have shortage of money. In some cases they commit suicide or they family commits suicide in other cases they sell daughters/babies  and the worst I ‘ve read is when a teenager daughter was raped because her father couldn’t pay the debt. It’s a f**ked up society. During Tsunami I read reports of mothers selling their babies for merely Rs 2000 ( $40). Sad but if you think about they didn’t really have a choice. There is nothing to eat, no home , no cloths can you imagine taking care of a baby in such conditions. I know a lot of people will disagree but it’s desperate move and situation must have gone out of control for someone to take such steps. so we can’t judge any of these.

You know people see these as such heinous crime but people have been giving away child for adoption for a long time.  There are cases where adopted children are abused.  Surrogacy would be wrong to some people. They might feel how could you give away a child you carried. But selling daughter sounds really bad doesn’t it. For an actual transaction mostly parents are told that their daughter will taken care of (something like adoption) and if she is young then proposal could be in the disguise of marriage proposal either way family and parents most of the times see this as a win-win situation. Their daughter is going to a better place and they are getting financial support. Really if you look through their eyes it seems like a very good offer.  So why not ?

Saving these girls and prosecuting guilty greedy people is important and my whole point of this post is that people are desperate and they’ll do anything to survive.  Nobody knows what they would do unless they are subjected to such situations.We are no one to judge anyone.


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