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Typewriter Vs Computer | Windows Vs Linux

Posted by stringofthoughts on April 30, 2009

Windows Vs Linux seems like a never ending debate. I prefer Linux but I do use windows for playing games. Although now with Crossover office it’s possible to play PC games on Linux. So now Linux is getting better and better. I always ask my friends to switch to Linux and use open source softwares but they are too much of windows fan and stupid. I mean one of ’em don’t even mind virus as long as everything is done peacefully with double click. That’s his arguments that in windows you can do everything by just double click where as in Linux you need use shell and you need to remember commands and seems like too much work. There was a time when it was true. Most of the task required the use of CLI (Command Line Interface) but now things have changed. With Ubuntu and Gnome the desktop is more user friendly than ever but people are still reluctant to use it. The most important feature of Linux, security, is often overlooked because of a slight confusing desktop. A new user don’t see the security features of Linux right away what he really sees is how it looks. Earlier it looked kind of dry but today with Compiz nothing can even come close to possibilities the way we cam tweak our desktop.

To me this looks very similar to the time when computer came and started to take over typewriters. Using a typewriter was very easy Put the paper in and go ahead. Nothing can be easier than this. Then slowly computers starts to replace typewriters. There must have been challenges to educate people with the concepts of files, directories, saving, moving . copying , where exactly the file is inside the system. What a shame we need a external printer to print. It is so hard. How do you connect computer and printer. There are so many wires. Come on ….. This is way to much work. I’m gonna stick to my typewriter. But then computers + printers started to print multiple copies in minutes it caught everybody attention. No need to type again and again. No need to keep track of fat files biting dust on old shelves. Magical things were happening and slowly people realized the importance of computer and look at ’em now. A five year old could computer like a toy.

Windows Vs Linux is quite similar to Typewriter Vs Computer but in software domain. There are unimaginable things you can do in Linux, something windows can’t even dream of. In the present world the most important thing is securing your data. Why do you think government organizations mostly use Unix/Linux ( because it’s free and they don’t wanna spend funds 😛 )? Linux is a blessing for education, embedded sector, computing, it’s everywhere.  People are just started to get to know it and I’m very sure someday It’s gonna replace windows completely. It is similar to the computer( + Internet) which has changed our life. The same thing is happening again with Linux ( + Open source) and it’s gonna change the world again. A world with freedom. A world with Quality tested softwares by millions of users. A world of sharing which will bring true harmony to the world.


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