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What’s God’s daily life is like?

Posted by stringofthoughts on March 29, 2009

I was wondering one day about how people say God has plans for everyone, It’s his creation. Nothing happens without his will. Now this got my attention and i started thinking about it. hm mm so he knows everything…… ah wait a minute, that’s not right. Life would be no fun if you knew everything It’s a different thing that people want to know everything about everything and everybody. Some might use it in productive way and some for their own good. I think the point of knowing everything is pointless. well here is an example. We all like watching movies but once you have seen it you know the story you know the screenplay you know the emotions you know everything about. So watching the movie second time is not as much fun and exciting as it was the first time. The knowledge sucked the fun out of it.

Now this is what seems quite funny to me. If God exists, his life must be really boring because he has all the answers. Imagine a situation where a human gets a chance to meet God and asks some questions but God already knows what he is going to ask and what he is going to tell him. He knows what he’ll ask after that and after that and so on. For the human it’s great he’s getting all the answers but what about God.

The unknown makes us curious. It creates interest. Interesting things makes life fun and the knowledge the brings us joy.

So i wonder, what’s God’s daily life is like? It can’t be fun , must be boring.


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