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T.Sonic 820 Vs iPOD Classic

Posted by stringofthoughts on April 6, 2009

When I started looking for an MP3 player iPOD was around. Actually it was the only MP3 player people knew (Kudos to the marketing team) but it wasn’t for me. I started searching for all available mp3 players i found Creative zen, Sandisk sansa, Philips mp3 player, iRiver MP3 player and Transcend T.Sonic. A lot of people know Transcend from it memory products especially RAM (Random Access Memory) and now the flash drives.

When i looked through the features available in these MP3 players i was amazed. iPOD has got nothing in the name of features. It does one thing play mp3 files and now models are coming with video and photo features.

Let’s take a look at the vast features of T.Sonic 820 mp3 player.

tsonic-8201.5-inch (128 x 128 pixel) color OLED display for playing videos and photos; plays music, video (.mtv), and photos (.jpg, .bmp); MP3 player supports MP3, WMA, WMA-DRM10 (subscription music), and WAV music formats; FM radio (FM radio recording and the ability to preset 9 FM radio stations); advanced digital voice recorder, ability to read e-books (.txt); Karaoke-type lyrics display; Direct line-in recording using an external microphone, or line-in connection; VAD (Voice Activation Detection) for high quality gapless audio recordings; Playlist builder; A-B repeat function allows you to continuously replay a designated section of a track; variable track playback speeds; supports 12 user languages including song/artist name display; USB Flash Drive capabilities for data transfer and storage; included software can be used to lock your computer and setup passwords for your files; 7 Equalizer effects that include a customizable USER EQ setting; powered using a rechargeable Li-ion battery (fully charged battery supports over 15 hours of continuous music operation); hi-speed Mini USB 2.0 port for easy computer connectivity; and fast file transfers; and Real Time Clock (RTC) displays local and world times

At the same time i was looking for a portable radio and a Digital Voice Recorder. I had options like buy a phone with radio+MP3 player and buy a separate Voice recorder. T.Sonic solved all my problems and guess how much it cost me 😀 $70 only 🙂 and iPOD was almost double the price.

I don’t understand why people prefer iPOD so much when there is a lot of alternatives available and having much better features and worth every penny when compared to iPOD. A lot of people says it has better sound quality. Who compared the sound quality I won’t accept apple cuz they have to say it’s better than others.

If you look into the device itself Apple doesn’t make the IC’s. It buys and the fabricate the player. It uses ARM7 microcontroller and for audio it’ll need an audio codec IC. Now these audio codecs are manufactured by Texas Instruments, Analog Devices and other semiconductor giants. All the ICs are equivalent in performance and every MP3 players uses some sort of codecs. so sound quality is not that different. I can at least say that for T.Sonic vs iPOD . The real difference comes from the type of headphones you are using, It’s frequency response, impedance. The headphones are the ultimate output devices.  So just use a better headphone 🙂 .

I find T.Sonic way too good than iPOD. Even compared to the new iPOD cuz iPOD doesn’t provide the features i need. T.Sonic is a multipurpose tool iPOD is just an expensive flashy mp3 player.


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TATA Nano (The People’s car)

Posted by stringofthoughts on April 5, 2009

tata_nano12Nano is launched in India on March 23 2009 🙂 . It’s a cute little vehicle. All the buzz about this vehicle is it’s price tag : Rs 1,15,000 (approx US $2300). Tata is aiming for $2000. That would be nice i mean look at the bike prices Rs 70,000 more or less. Put some extra money and bring a 4 wheeler home (sounds like an ad line 😛 ). I read in the newspaper that one family went to do shopping for clothes on weekend and ended up buying a car. Guess which car? Media is giving it so much hype I can’t believ  it.

Here is what i think. I am from a small town where every house has at least one  two-wheeler and it works just fine. There is no traffic in small town. So if everyone buys this small car there won’t be any problems like traffic jam , parking spaces etc. The chances of accidents are very small especially because there are no long roads so there is no speeding 😀 ( small towns are awesome). The towns like Raipur, Gwalior , Bilaspur, Raigarh etc where major population is usually middle class families. So for these towns this car is a very good gift.

Let’s change the scenario, come to Mumbai 🙂 . I’ve been living in Mumbai for past eight years and it feels this city has reached it’s limit. It’s got all sort of problems like dumping trash, water supply,  living space and  guess what’s the condition of traffic. Let me give you and example from Andheri(station) to Powai it takes hardly 30 mins to travel if traffic is normal but in the evening when people are returning home from office it sometimes takes up to 2 – 3 hours. That’s the condition of traffic infrastructure in Mumbai. Ah wait the parking space …ummm… forget about it you are not gonna find one 😦 .

So imagine now from a middle class family perspective they are now a proud owner of a new 4 wheeler. (I believe Tata must be planning to sell  in millions.) And from the city perspective there is no improvement in traffic infrastructure but  there are now thousands of new 4 wheeler on the road :). What’s the point on being in car if you are always stuck in traffic. People should use public transportation but anyone who has been to Mumbai or lived there knows how crowded it is. I don’t understand how this is helpful for a big city.

Important note about Nano’s crash testing :

A lot of people don’t know the whole thing about Nano’s crash testing :). Tata, which has the only crash-test facility in the country, said that the Nano “exceeds current regulatory requirements”. And while it is not a deathtrap – it has crumple zones, seat belts and strong seat anchors – it is worth bearing in mind that total vehicle crash testing (rather than just frontal impact), airbags and antilock braking systems are not mandatory.

Without these, the Nano would not even be considered for approval in Britain. Adding them would double its price in India, which is why they have been omitted. This is why Nano’s price in Britain is approx. US$ 6000 (INR 3,00,000).

It makes me sad how the safety is compromised to keep the price down in India. Passengers might survive the head on collision at moderate speed but side collision ( on square or on T section etc) could prove deadly. This is not being told to people. I hope people know this before buying this wonder car

I think Nano is wonderful for small towns it’s a gift but it’s a curse for metros.

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