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Epiphany : The ultimate GNOME browser

Posted by stringofthoughts on April 28, 2009

The first time i saw epiphany browser when i installed Debian Lenny on my system. I didn’t know anything about this browser. I thought may be it’s just like lots of other available browsers. Later when i installed Ubuntu 8.10 the default browser i had was Mozilla firefox. I don’t think mozilla needs any description. It’s one of the best browser. I use only firefox when I’m in windows and it works awesome but in Linux it’s a different story. My experience with firefox in Linux is not very satisfctory. There is a font issue and then there is a major issue of CPU usage. I can’t say about others but firfox takes a lot of CPU , sometimes even above 90% . It practically hangs the system. Font issue was solved by installing msttcorefonts. Then I searched for linux browsers and i got the name Epiphany. I remembered it from Debian so I thought this should be good it’s default browser for Debian. So I installed epiphany and my first reaction was woo …. what the #@!& . The browser was simple but it had no controls, nothing. No forward backward buttons , no refresh or stop and no address bar 🙂 . I was like … what kind of browser is this.  So i uninstalled it.

Few weeks later again because of CPU usage problem in firefox I again installed Epiphany and this time i was in for a treat. Epiphany is so customizable and simple i couldn’t believe it.  For a new user after starting epiphany go to customize toolbar (View -> Toolbars -> Customize toolbars)


Here the first this you do is Add a New Toolbar and close it. Then go to (View -> Toolbars -> show toolbar). Again Open this Toolbox editor (View -> Toolbars -> Customize toolbars) and simple drag the control buttons out from Toolbox editor to the newly created toolbar. Arrange it the way you want, keep the controls you want.  It doesn’t ‘ve a Goggle search bar but you don’t need it, just tye whatever you want to search in the address bar and enter. Address bar itself works as Goggle search bar.

The fonts in Epiphany is much better than firefox. Although I did tweak some settings like font size etc. Epiphany doesn’t ‘ve any proxy settings it uses the system proxy setting which you can set from (System -> Preferences -> Network Proxy).  If you have flash-nonfree support installed the youtube works like a charm. The main satisfaction that i got from it was the CPU usage compared to mozilla. Epiphany is much lighter and takes very CPU.

So now I’ve switched completely to Epiphany. No more mozilla in Linux for me 🙂


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