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Guns don’t kill people … :)

Posted by stringofthoughts on April 7, 2009

Guns don’t kill people, people kill people. This is what someone who is in favor of guns might say :).  Well i agree with this to some extent but here what i think guns do. If there were no guns and someone depressed, angry and just wants the world to feel his pain. What would he do ? He might use his hands or say a bat/stick or knife but you know he might be able to hurt 2 may be 3 people like this before cops come in and also it’s kinda hard to commit suicide with a bat :P.  Now put a 9mm or a sub-machine gun in his hand.  The number of victims increases drastically and it’s way to easy to commit suicide with a gun. Gun works here as a catalyst and consumes a lot more innocent lives.

The first time I ever heard about a civilian shoot out out was the Columbine high school incident. Before this i don’t think i could even imagine something like this happening inside civilian world. The most amazing thing that I found in that documentary by Michael Moore was the number of people dying of gunshot in US. It was 11,127. So many things i found funny in that documentary. Guns at bank 🙂 , Bullets in barber shop and then at the end I was shocked to find out that they used to sell guns and bullets in K-Mart. I mean come on that was like the height of irresponsibility.

There were people in the documentary who were saying it’s their right to carry a weapon, it’s American to carry a weapon. I don’t understand it. May be it’s the power thing. A gun in the hand makes you feel powerful. Is that the reason or what ? I would never know. One thing i know for sure that US now can’t get rid of it’s gun control problem because they have let it spread beyond control. I can’t believe carrying a gun is a part of their constitution :P.

Look around you what’s happening now. People on the verge of breakdown , recession , depression they just want to vent their anger on to the world on to the society. In such fragile situation guns and bullets are lying around :|. Probably not a good idea :). Recently so many incidents were reported. People walking down the street getting shot, attending classes or shopping. I think if you are in US you never know when might get shot.


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